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Born 1996

Part of 

Monday Studio Boutique . Art Monday Flip Zines . Art Monday Zine "NYMPHS VOL. 1"

Anders Dalhøj is an aspiring Danish artist working in the field of photography, digital artwork and videography. 

After moving to the Danish capital city, Copenhagen in 2017, he started studying at Fatamorgana, The Danish School of Art Photography, where after 6 months he continued as an intern, and graduated in December 2019. After Fatamorgana he got a lucky chance to dive into the music industry, which opened up a lot of doors to photograph concerts, events and shows, experimenting with portraits of the people he met during this period.

With the persona DATA_SOUP he focuses on tech and neon glitch aesthetics. He seeks to  experiment with the lines between what is real and what is imagined. Challenging the fantasy of his viewers, allowing himself to create chaos, as well as more minimalistic works. Anders Dalhøj works as a freelance photographer with a handful of exhibitions behind him, and more coming soon.

He will keep expanding his horizons, and adding colorful and experimental work to the walls and spaces of the world.

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