The Italian artist Bernadino Costantino is driven by an inner impulse that leads through the tortuous paths of his mind. He often wishes to give a precise order to the process, but then chaos takes over.  


“For me, drawing was my favorite ‘game’ when I was a child. I have always been moved by an invincible impulse but still, I kept everything hidden until the advent of social networks. I have always painted for myself, without dreams of glory; for pure and uncontaminated pleasure.


The recurrent themes in my works are; depersonalization, alienation and profound nihilism. I don’t want to invite people to pessimism and resignation, but to outline the ‘social pathologies’ from which we are afflicted.


Without feeling ashamed, I’ll say that the sense of inadequacy and frustration has always tormented my existence. Being able to share this with the right people helps to exorcise every vulnerability and fear and helps to increase one’s inner strength.


Inspiration is given to me by images - photographic or real - that I associate with moods and deep introspective situations. I think that anger and indignation are fundamental feelings for me when creating an image.


The evolutions happen following a continuous work on their expressive abilities. All of this is a slow process that is often frustrating and unsatisfactory. Sometimes you experience the satisfaction, the real joy in seeing your work improve over time while hoping not to fall into a form of regression.


Good taste in art is always enclosed in an academicism and a stiffness that I find repugnant. Good taste is a form of fascism that affects our mind.”

  E X P L O R E   M O R E   

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