Joakim Drescher was born in Denmark and raised in Indonesia, New Zealand and China. He is the eldest son of illustrator and author Henrik Drescher and artist Lauren Drescher. 

Drescher studied Fine Arts at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam where he was a part of the now defunct tape label So Obsolete Records and one half of the DIY publishing outfit Stalking Cat Editions along with artist and illustrator Marie Boye Thomsen.


On a formal level, Drescher’s work can be said to straddle the formal division between graphic art and illustration. He aligns his practice more with that of an outsider artist such as Martin Ramirez, Henry Darger, and Adolf Wolfli. Though one of his most important influences was, according to his own account, living with his parents, whose work exposed him to and made him comfortable with the weird from an early age.


Using what he himself describes as the stone age techniques of drawing and watercolors, Drescher has carved out a distinct aesthetic in which the style is entangled with the substance. His works has the appearance of something that started off innocently enough on the back of a napkin but through some unknown force ended up creating a universe that is at once joyous and terrifying. 


“In my early twenties I made art zines and painted and a lot of other stuff. I’ve gotten better at my craft, better at being linear in terms of telling a story or producing a finished work. Now I make books as well as series of paintings, and the books have been a great way to spread myself around. And I also use the internet - maybe too much… 


I look at people a lot. I like to tell stories. There’s nothing overtly political in what I do. I’m always sort of on the lookout for things I can process into useable material”

  E X P L O R E   M O R E   

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