The danish self-taught multidisciplinary artist, Peter Basse, have since his childhood been fascinated by drawings and paintings.


As he grew, always experimented with various creative environments Basse have developed his very own idiosyncratic style, rather if it’s on the canvas or  in his everyday projects. 


“Through my years of painting I’ve worked with the most real in life - the inner life. 


My work is an adaptation, giving the picture less a picture, finding the figure inside the emotion, and the landscape that surrounds it.


A sketch is spontaneous and uninterrupted thinking caught in the moment it makes it’s appearance. 


Later some sketches develop into drawings, fine tuning the reserved. Some sketches become paintings, a very different process, witch requires focus in a much longer time period. 


Colors, layers upon layers extending emotions, sucking the the bone marrow out of the original sketch, forcing it to become a new living entity. Some live throw to exhibition, some burn in my garden”

  E X P L O R E   M O R E   

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