The Danish artist Sjulle conveys, through her abstract and expressionist legendary universe, an often familiar feeling of emotional division, as a sense of certainty that you do not know what exactly is in front of you. And for some, her wild, erotic, humorous, surprising and extraordinary art creates an interesting mood of annoyance.


“My ego is on standby when I get started. This itself is an exemption. And i usually play and  use many colors. I am attracted to the universe of colors. The colors give me oxygen and make me breathe.


A painting can tell you tens of thousands of stories, and I think that this, for me, is one of the most exciting thing. Because art and emotions are inextricably linked to each other. 

It is not only a common point of view that experiences of art are associated with something emotionally. The mere fact that we are looking at a painting means that we have an aesthetic experience. But what is aesthetics - yes, it is very individual from person to person.


I am very fascinated by the alternative world. The deep and intensity. The cruelty and vulnerability that lie in the intimate of being human - in a fleshy body on this earth’s cliff, both alone and with other people.


I try to recreate my subconscious; my dreams of my everyday life, my erotic desires. 

It all appears in my art. Staring eyes, soft shapes, skulls, animal organs and creatures. Everything is served with some warmth and humor, if I have to say it myself.  The viewer can travel wherever he’ll link, and if the travel will be a quick or slow experience. I’ll just say you might discover a near-flowing world where the work and the imagination’s imagination merge.


It’s not that straightforward. It is the operation of changing”

  E X P L O R E   M O R E   

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