Art Monday is a Copenhagen based culture-hacker group, made to exhibit the wonderful world of emerging arts. 

With everything we do we strive to inspire and merge people, all to create spaces for creativity to sprout, so that you can enjoy the awe of 'it all'.

We believe that creativity, in it's manifold, is for all, hence -

"mondays are for dandies and punk rockers, bearded ladies and single dads, and all you in between..."

The Monday Studio is our psychical location in Copenhagen, showcasing all the great art we love and enjoy ourselves. 
As a hybrid of a showroom, an office and location for events, The Studio is a place for all to explore the greatnesses of creativity... 
Mondays are all about being creative and creating stuff - and that is what we do... 
With everything from apparel design to publication releases and print productions, Art Monday creates articles for you to wear, read, decorate and all in all just to enjoy... 
It's a term in danish (!) meaning "the urge to create"... and that is what we like to do, just creating stuff.  
... and so, Skabertrang is our partner in crime, our all week nerve system and beloved co-creator of the Studio, our events and daily comings.
As the Studio is a venue of exhibiting the great work of all the great artists, we celebrate their creations with the conceptual exposition, held quarterly... One week of prints, paintings, illustration and collages - as simple as that... 
On Mondays we're a creative driven multimedia bureau
who work happily across a wide range of disciplines, all to present you to the great world of independent artists and visionary cultural places.
It's all about creating cultures!

why the mondays ? 

We strive to expand the emerging culture of creativity’s potential by creating innovative collaborations between the creators and the audience. 

We strive to create a diverse global team of inspiring individuals and institutions by making a free minded and positive impact in the communities where we live and work. 

We work to tear down silos - we make things happen..


We create to be empowered, diverse and innovative..


We love creativity in its many forms.


It is time to explore and connect the subcultural and emerging creativity to our everyday surroundings. 


It is time to be adventures and acknowledge the manifold beauty that’s within reach.

Originality has to be shared! It must directly contribute positive to you, due creativity is our most important asset in life!

‘This’ must occur to unmask what is within you; 

inspired by what in vicinity. And we want you to treasure the creativity beyond!

We wish to create meaningful conversations between like-minded individuals, by allowing you to get carried away in the involved. We want you to feel the influence

in your cultural surroundings. 


We allow art to “do” and not just “say”. 

We want to spend time on you, share it with you, spread it, take it on, try it, use it and tell everyone else about it...


It's being able to conquer the emerging and great world of contemporary art and its various independent cultures; and we find this as our absolute and essential job; to cooperate with you:  the audience, the artists, the venues.

All you local heroes!


To us cooperation means a composition of competences, which from the start can determine what the right answer is - not in form of which kind of creativity that fits you the most, or telling you which kind of art to like, but in form of a mutual understanding and awakened insight in the wide range of neglected creativity that surrounds your everyday.


This is why we do what we do - tearing down silos in our culturally defined ambience. We indulging ourselves to the beauty in the susceptible art.

We call this The Free Creativity..​​​​

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