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Thank you for stopping by Art Monday Agency; the interplanetary home for inspiring business decor and exclusive installations, creative productions and visual manifestations, all featuring the incredibly talented up-coming creatives from all around the globe.


We pride ourselves on our originality and differentiated approach to present the emerging creatives we live among.


Our talented team is always ready to help you tell your story, to engage your audience and achieve results throughout your visual appearance.

Business Decor

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to creating a visual identity, which is why we offer a vary of services; from one off art business decor, to fluid office exhibitions and unique event based art installations - and more...


We work to make space for creativity to grow - to engage you, as client and audience, to look beyond the horizons of opportunities - differentiate yourself from the norm and inspire your colleagues via a powerful visual identity.


Share your story with us and let’s find the best match for you.

The Production

Art Monday has always been an agency who wanted to help those in need - so are you lost in how to get the things done we’re here for you.


As a well hung production company we know how difficult it can be to choose what’s the right solution for each project. Our dedicated team can guide you in the creative production process - from A-Z.


Let Art Monday make your:


Print materials.


… or what do you have in mind?


Just tell us how you're in need and we will find you the best solution.

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