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Art Monday Box Of Good Sht Copenhagen Art Book Bundle_1.jpg

Do you also spend too much time searching for new and awesome things to put on your coffee table at home? Do you also love wearing cool T-Shirts with only rad prints? Are you a sucker for Good Sh*t ? Well, this is what you’ll need…


The Art Monday Box Of Good Sh*t serves you an arbitrary, though carefully selected, bundle of Art Books, Zines, Stickers and of cause our awesome Art Monday T-Shirts, all shipped to your home every month.


Why wait?

Join in and you’ll receive the next box of rad goods in a glimpse…


ONLY 87€ /month

Save approx 27€ /month* 

Each box includes at least a bundle of:

one T-Shirt, one Book, two Zines - other stuff and more publications may appear.

& shipping is included of course...


it's a Box Of Good Sh*T...

The arbitrary.

We cannot promise you exactly whats inside each Box Of Good Sh*t - all goods shown on our SoMe and presented at our own platform should only be seen as guidelines for what could be inside the box, as each may vary in content... Though, we can promise you that all boxes includes at least a selection of 1 Art Book, 2 Art Zines & 1 Art Monday T-Shirt. 

* value of content may vary+/-  a couple of euros. Don’t worry, we put an effort into creating the best value pack for you. You won’t be disappointed, we promise…

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