it's good art for great business’s 
In need of art? well, we got it...

We believe that everybody should have the possibility to explore the joy of art, both at home and at work. 


Now we've made it a bit easier for you to comprehend the selections of what you should put up on the walls -  so if  you have dull and non-inspiring walls at work, don't hesitate

to reach out...  

It's easy - just rent it... 

if you love the manifolds of art and cannot pick and choose between what to do, don't bother anymore. 

now you can rent art of Monday Studio, a

or have a decoration of times...

if you'll like to try out the art on your walls before buying, this might be a solution for you... 

Monday Studio gives you the opportunity to have an entire exhibition of 15 works, installed at your business. Afterwards you're free to pick and choose of what you'll keep. *

we'll make you a 'personal' selection of art,  

* when you choose to 'try it out' you commit to purchase for a minimum amount of 5000 DKK  when the exhibition is due. contingencies costs might be added. 


you make the difference ! 

besides the great joy you'll get off all the art works you 

when you exhibit the works of the monday studio artists you are also helping each and every artist... how, you ask? well, all your co-workers and your visitors might see the art, and that

What can we do for you? 
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