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Don't we all love a good quality art print. Wether it's a photo or a reproduction of a painting, it all comes down to the actual quality of the print. And this we can make for you...



210g Studio Enhanced

A5 . 35 kr

A4 . 45 kr

A3 . 60 kr

A2 . 100 kr

A1. 180 kr

Prices is with a minimum of 10 items, both single and mixed motives. 

Prices incl. danish VAT.

Shipping and administration free is not included. 

- feel free to ask for specific productions, such as multiple motives, mixed sizes etc. 

Hahnemühle Studio Enhanced 210g has a smooth surface with little structure and your prints on this paper will have excellent color reproduction and sharp resolution, which will give expressive images.


Do you wish to order a bundle of art prints, please send us an e-mail with the following information:

- Name / Compagny

- Contact person

- Adress (full)

- Email: 

- Phone number: 

- Art print sizes & quantity   - as 

Motiv 2T-shirts white: 3S 10M 12L 8XL 3XXL

Tote bag: 25

Sweatshirt navy: 3S 5M 8L 8XL

Attach the design you want...

and remember to tell us how big and where on the t-shirts you wish the print to be located.

(pssst - just copy/paste the list above and fill out in the email... it's easier)

We will get back to you asap with a fixed price. After you've accepted and paid the invoice we will start the production. 


Please send us an e-mail with subject : question tee.

Art Monday white t-shirts with art prints from various artists. Fashionable man standing with white tee with art prints by Christine Lorenzen.
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