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In 2019 we opened the first Monday Studio, Art shop 'n Gallery, at Brorsonsgade in Copenhagen. After just one Art Monday grew out of the old bicycle basement and moved to what today is our gallery and eventspace at Matthæusgade 21, Copenhagen. 

Spring 2022 is the year for another expansion, as we split the concept of Monday Studio and moves the psychical shop to Gasværksvej 15 leaving Matthæusgade to become a bigger venue for exhibitions, workshops and such. 


We've always believed to work with and inspire local artists, why we, from the very early stages of Monday Studio, offers ateliers and officespots to the creative sprouts we live among. At Matthæusgade you'll find 9 creatives working with all from apparel to paintings, as at Gasværksvej we house up to 16 artists and designers. Sure up for a chat and a coffee when you drop by... 

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