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Launch & Exhibition
September 2nd 

Art Monday is happy to present you to the exhibition and accompanying photo book 'GLOOM' made in collaboration with our good friends at the Ukrainian photo school MYPH. 

Gloom is a portrayal of the partial darkness, the shadowy spheres, the dejection - a depiction of the contemporary lives in Ukraine, presented as a collection of the work by 30 Ukranian photographers, mixing the styles of documentary and art photography.


We've made this to set focus on the people who live in todays Ukraine. Via Gloom we wish to awaken your thirst to explore the world this book portray - the light and dark moments all Ukrainians experience on a daily basis - an everyday tumble of fright feelings and a time where you don’t know how tomorrow turns out.


To support the authors of each artwork and the people in Ukraine, Art Monday & Myph arrange a charity production art print sale, with 100% of profits going directly to the authors of the work; people of Ukraine, who we believe needs the support to keep in portraying the world of Ukraine.


About MYPH:

Myph was founded by the Ukrainian photographer Sergey Melnychenko in 2018. With a focus to expand the sphere of consciousness and understanding of modern conceptual and artistic photography, Myph is deviating from the usual standards and working ‘to do something different’. Myph is not just about today and now, it's about the future…



Grand release & Exhibition September 2nd 2022.

Monday Studio Gallery. Matthæusgade 21. 1666 Copenhagen.

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