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A new magazine arrives

launch of the magazine

31. jul. 2022

We are happy to announce that we're back in business and is now creating another magazine!

- yup, the Art Monday Magazine is back in town, now with more pages, a new and easy to travel with format and a lot of new artists from the international underground / emerging art stage.

Please welcome to the world of Monday: 

Camille Theodet - Silver & Gelatin - Castellos Crib - Jacob Stage - Elsa Solorio - Sergio Deluz - Aquah Studio - My Camera My Rules - Anders Bendixen - Benita Bünger - Kim Heyst - Elisabeth Victoria Friis - Mikkel Rohde - Lise Johansson - Rume Lambrecht - Zakaria Kheddam - Kosti - Christoffer Bjørn - Oiia - Toma - Morten Overgaard - 79flix - Rose Bendixen - Siri Tvorup - Tom af Brockbrock - Rita Blue & Richard Holmes. 

Grand launch October 28 

at Monday Studio,Matthæusgade 21, 1666 Copenhagen. 

DJ "Faule Augen" sets the playlists and rocks out the party. Cold brews by Fuglsang & Fritz Kola will be available at the bar. 




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