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Dreamers - Bronagh Kate McGeary

Artist talk

11. jun. 2024

A part of Copenhagen Dreamers Exhibition '24

Welcome to Copenhagen Dreamers '24. Once again we delve into the vibrant minds of four young and emerging artists from Copenhagen.

We're thrilled to introduce you to the world of Bronagh Kate McGeary, who has a unique knack for blending various art forms into her life. From oil portraits to wedding photography, she's a whirlwind of creativity and ambition. Let's dive into her world and get to know her a bit better.


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Hi Bronagh. How would you like to introduce yourself? 

Hi, I'm a Scottish girl with a rather nomadic upbringing, having grown up in various places. I've always had a penchant for getting lost, picking up languages along the way, and eventually channeling my love for writing into a professional career. But that's just a slice of who I am. Currently, I'm immersed in creating an entire collection of oil portraits, working on a novel and a screenplay, envisioning a wedding photography business, and even designing five handmade dresses. My life is a tapestry of diverse creative pursuits, each one feeding into the other.

Thanks. Well, let us know, before we talk about all that art...  what in life makes you smile? What makes you happy? 

There are a few simple things that bring a smile to my face: the comforting smell of oil paint, the infectious sound of my friends' giggles, and the delight of extra-gooey cinnamon rolls. I consider myself a deeply sensitive person, someone who thinks profoundly about most things and pours my heart into everything I do. Whether it's a brushstroke on a canvas or a line in a manuscript, my work is a reflection of my innermost feelings and thoughts. I strive to make my art precise and detailed, capturing people and scenes in their most unguarded moments. My style is characterized by bold contrasts and vivid colors, each hue carefully chosen to convey specific emotions.

Great. And now - how's your artistic journey? Let us know more about you and how you work as an artist. 

Defining myself as an artist is both straightforward and complex. While I've only recently begun selling my pieces, I've been wielding paintbrushes and seeking refuge in museums since childhood. Writing is my professional pursuit, and it's an art form in itself. So, I've always seen myself as an artist in some capacity. For me, art is as essential as breathing, and I indulge in as many forms of it as possible. Breaking into the art world has been challenging, with much of it hinging on networking and persistence. My biggest hurdle has been overcoming self-rejection and recognizing that others might appreciate my work too. Moving forward, I envision my art adorning the walls of Copenhagen's bars and restaurants, transforming public spaces with my pieces. It will take countless hours in the studio and a relentless drive to make this dream a reality, but I'm committed to mingling with the right people and working tirelessly to achieve it.


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