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Dreamers - Thit Senstius

Artist talk

12. jun. 2024

A part of CPH Dreamers Exhibition '24

Welcome to Copenhagen Dreamers '24. Once again we delve into the vibrant minds of four young and emerging artists from Copenhagen.

It's with great pleasure that we introduce you to Thit Senstius who effortlessly blends her artistic passions with her professional life as an Speech-language pathologist.

Let's delve into her unique journey and artistic vision.


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Hi Thit. First of all, please intro yourself. 

Hi, I'm Thit Senstius, an artist living in Copenhagen. Art and creativity have always been integral parts of my life, and I find immense joy in expressing myself through drawing and ceramics. 

When I'm not creating art, I work as an audiologist, helping people with brain injuries restore their ability to communicate. I am easily fascinated and excited by the small quirks of the world, whether it's the patterns in a crack, the color of a bike against a wall, an interesting word, or a whimsical thought. 

I've always been intrigued by the absurd and the morbid, and the blend between reality and imagination. I love exploring new ideas and letting myself be captivated by all the wonders life has to offer. My curiosity drives me to constantly discover and learn new things, enriching both my art and my professional work.

And about the art? Tell us a bit about your work and style... 

My artistic style is characterized by a sharp graphic expression, where I aim to capture and convey the emotions and thoughts that can't always be expressed with words. I enjoy working with intricate lines and the human body. I am fascinated by contrasts and the many nuances of life, which is reflected in my works that range from the beautiful and delicate to the raw and morbid. 

Driven by a deep curiosity, I love exploring the boundaries between the real and the fantastical, and expressing complex emotions and thoughts through my pieces. This allows me to create visual narratives that evoke feelings on a deeper level, while maintaining my creative freedom and giving space to explore new approaches and media.

Art and creativity have been omnipresent throughout my upbringing, and I've always had a creative drive. When I was younger, I didn't think visual art was my medium; I believed I would follow the path of music. But around 2016, drawing began to take up more space in my life, and in 2017, I had my first solo exhibition at Sjællandsgade Bad. 

Art has been a parallel pursuit alongside my education, leading to several exhibitions since then. For me, art is a fundamental human need, a way to express ourselves, to put thoughts into the tangible universe, and to create. 

Art doesn't have to be for everyone, and that's not the goal in my view, but being able to express who we are, to inspire and be inspired, is essential. It allows us to hold on to and simultaneously release the thoughts, feelings, and experiences we have. Whether it's something beautiful, painful, angry, whimsical, or something we can't even put into words but can only describe through visual and sensory expressions, art is a necessity.

How's life in art and all? 

I work as an artist alongside my career as a speech-language pathologist. I find it incredibly rewarding and fascinating to work with neurorehabilitation, brain injuries, and helping people regain their communication abilities. However, I would never give up art for my job, nor would I give up my profession for my other creative pursuits. Generally, I do many things simultaneously, and my life makes the most sense as a mosaic of various interests.

Besides drawing, I also create ceramics, play music, dance, and have a keen interest in the brain, communication, language, and nature. I believe it all connects—our thoughts and feelings, our ability to communicate and express ourselves, our behavior, and everything that moves us.

Looking ahead, I find it challenging to imagine what the future holds. There is so much that can happen, so much that is unpredictable. Every day, I get excited about something and dream of unfolding a world in one direction, only to discover something new the next day. I think I collect experiences, skills, and interests that I piece together over time. Whether it turns into hand-drawn animated films, large bronze sculptures, concert tours, or book publications is uncertain. But perhaps it will be somewhere in between, and hopefully, many exciting things will come.


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