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Monday Studio Matthæusgade Art Shop Reopens

a new shop arise (again)

24. aug. 2022

We are happy to annonce the openingen, or re-opening so to say, of Monday Studio at Matthæusgade 21, 1666 Copenhagen.

Yup, as we experienced damped walls at what seemed as a perfect shop (at Gasværksvej), we're merging the gallery and shop again, and can now, proud, say that Monday Studio is back at Matthæusgade - and it's gonna be better then before...


September 1st we open the doors to the brand (re)new arts & books shop - so join in  and enjoy what you didn't expect to see.... 

To celebrate we've set the playlist of awesome artists to put on the walls... Come see the wonders of: 

Rune Lambrecht, Kosti, Lasaite, Custom Horror, Emil Bagge, Louise Dupond, My Camera My Rules, Nadia Von Rikka, Anna Kott & Fang Fang.

So time's to put on your good shoes and run by the Monday Studio at Matthæusgade... 

See ya there


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