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MONDAY YET? VOL EC0606 - Out Now!

a zine of new contemporary art

1. feb. 2021

Idea & design by Jakob Hindhede. Published by Art Monday.

Pleased to welcome you to the new issue of Monday Yet? - our world of rad art made by the creative sprouts of today...

Once again - mixin' it up, stirring the fryer and serving you a delicious meal of new art.

This is Monday Yet? vol. EC0606 starring Prefab77, Djana Vallespir, Lee Ellis, Behrouz Bigdeli, Ulla Bjulver, Louise Dupond & Holger Pelzer.

Monday Yet? is an all visual zine publication, breaking with the controversial idea of todays hyped scene based on established titles and short-lived publications covering contemporary arts.

Monday Yet? #EC0606 is now out in stores...


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