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Nudge, Intrigued - out now!

a zine

25. nov. 2022

Concept by Benita Bünger & Jakob Hindhede. Art by yourtselfish. Design by Jakob Hindhede.

We are proud to present you to a piece of the talented Danish photographer 'yourselfish' work, now with this release of our new zine series NUDGE - (this is) INTRIGUED.

In relation to the zine launch we've made an exclusive Monday Studio print edition (4) of a selective photoseries from the publication. All available in store.

"Desire is to be found everywhere, through childish curiosity, coming of age sensuality and mature sexuality.

It is said that in cognitive collaboration our brain and tongue can look at everything that surrounds us and instantly make out the sight seen as a sensation on the tip of our tongue. In the same manner, it is my desire for you to observe my photography, recognizing the sensual effect of the visuals on your own body - or perhaps noticing the intrigue you may find to explore your own intrinsic desires."

The concept for this series of 35mm analog photography began by me adventuring through human sensual desires, deep diving into existence, endeavoring towards a moment merging child-like memories of exploration with sensual sagacious dreams.

Just as any other 35mm of light I have let into my life these shots are quite personal to me, as they enspirit the kind of quirky human I am, encapturing my universe made up of questions of adventure and answers with stories of curiosity.

As with anything else that is genuine in life, these photographs are all unedited.



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