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Recap Rituals of Resonance

the poetic porn chapter

23. maj 2022

the exhibition by Rita Blue & Elisabeth Victoria Friis.

Thank you all who came to explore the great world of Rituals Of Resonance - an exhibition by Rita Blue & Elisabeth Victoria Friis.

Rituals of Ressonance is the a reflection of a long-term creative process and collaboration between the two photographers Elisabeth Victoria Friis and Rita Blue Biza.

Through images and video, the duo take their point of departure in our sexuality, as the sea from which we draw our deepest longings and lust up from the mud. 

" Rituals of resonance refer to a special space in which we can explore the fragile, the vulnerable, the shameful, the humorous and the violent. In the deep unknown waters of the subconscious, our best navigation tool is continuous resonance within ourselves, and in the encounter with the other "

The two photographers work with a sensuous expression that draws threads to old erotic myths about the woman and her desire, and challenges the gaze of the feminine body as the fragile body, as opposed to the masculine body as strong and dominant.


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