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Recap Skal Vi Kysse Om Det? with Yourself1sh

Exhibition Launch & Talk

27. maj 2024

concept by Benita Bünger. Event photocredit: Ceara Kelly.

Thanks to all who joined us for the grand launch of "Skal vi Kysse om Det?". Such a great turnout and a jolly day.

Sepcial thanks to the panel of great individuals, talking about concent in life, in work and in ourselves. 

A big hand and a grand thank you to Natalia Eugenia Araya Araya, Kathrine Graa, Kir S. Thomsen, Alex Blum & Anders Dalhøj.

The project reflects on the tongue as a symbolic tool for communication through questions like: Should we talk about it? Should we speak about it? Should we bet on it? Should we argue about it? Or should we maybe just kiss about it? We explore different ways of handling disagreements and this time focus on the importance of consent in communication.

We use our tongues to create argumentative or declarative sounds around us constantly, but our tongues are more than just a tool for making sounds. It can taste, it can feel, and it can sense. It has its own way of perceiving and expressing emotions, which we wish to explore and convey through the project.

With "SHOULD WE KISS ABOUT IT," we delve into the wondrous world of the senses through a themed photo exhibition and challenge our perceptions of encounters with others; the way one relates to oneself, others, and the world, as well as the process by which one changes one's way of relating.

Through a series of conversations, the project presents different perspectives on openness towards each other, the courage to take the step into the unknown, and the persistent uncertainty that we all carry. These conversations unfold in both words and images, which have the potential to evoke a deeper curiosity. And now we kick off the entire curiosity with photographs and conversations about consent.

"Hvidtskrald" represents the merchandise for the project, where the most delightful upcycled slogan T-shirts—both short- and long-sleeved—are created from textile waste. These materials are nothing less than old Copenhagen sheets that have had their fair share of kisses. Previously destined to end up in flames, as recycling facilities are tied to massive volumes and regularity, they are now with us, who strive for a more sustainable future. Hvidtskrald is a stylish hot take and groundbreaking view on upcycling, which has developed its own unique aesthetic that makes it recognizable from a distance on the sidewalk and stands out as a pioneer in recycled fashion.


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