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What Interview with Kim Heyst

29. jul. 2022


We sad down with the Danish illustrator and artist Kim Heyst, cus we wanted to know a bit more about the guy behind it all...

Kim is a Copenhagen based illustrator and painter, working with surrealism, spontaneity and abstraction. He draws inspiration from horror and sci-fi fiction, films, music and comics. While some pieces are direct illustrations of specific stories, other pieces are subconscious interpretations of otherworldly fictional input.

What makes you trip?

 Reading Stephen King books. 

What’s your latest Google search? 

'Baked cauliflower' 

What don’t you fuck with?  

Black Magic 

What’s a good name for a goldfish?  

Stephen King 

What scented candle would you be?  


What’s your latest good deed? 

I assisted an elderly man up the stairs. And I felt like a good person. 

What’s the best thing that happened today? 

When my 2 year old child surprised me with a bag of salted potato chips. 

What makes you feel less shitty? 

Take a walk and read childrens fantasy, Narnia etc. out loud for my partner.

What’s your reaction on bad traffic?  

I get annoyed.

What’s a weird food you like?  

Boullion cubes. I also like to use the Boullion cube metaphor to describe intense experiences or emotions.  

What movie do you know all the lines to?  

Trolljægeren, Princess Bride, Lord of the rings.

What rules?  

The Dungeons and Dragons 5e.  

What’s fun to do on a first date?  

Jukebox battle

What was your first job?  

Selling hotdog and fries, but was fired because I looked like a zombie after a great night out.  

What fun have you been doing lately?  

Looking at used Transformers action figures on DBA and not buying any. 

What’s overrated? 

Cars, paint ball and pranks. 

What character would you draw yourself as?

Count Dracula.

What do you miss?  

My dad.

What’s your favourite pet?  

My Frankenstein collectable action figure with three interchangeable heads and three sets of hands including original packaging.  

What was the last shitty advice you gave a person you like?  

I adviced my friends to buy pasta at the pizza place - never again.  

What’s your happy ending? 

To be able to look back on a creative life.  

What hybrid animal would you love to see in this world? 


What did you do last time you broke the law?  

Peed in a bush.  

What’s your bad habits?  

Salting food before tasting it.  

What was the last thing you bought overpriced?  

Pine nuts.

What’s wrong with you? 

My legs won't bend properly.


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