Monday Yet?

The Monday Yet? zine is an independent all visuals art publication presenting, in each zine, the work of 7 rising artists.

We do not write the story nor do we analyse the artwork. Monday Yet? is made only for arts sake, presenting the art as it is...!

It's jolly times for all art lovers and explorers.



Send us an email with a link to your Instagram + a little txt about yourself. // subject “Monday Yet submit”. We will look through your work and get back to you asap. 

If we believe your artwork suites the zine we will send you an agreement with a link for booking and then start planning what art to present - and 1,2,3 were about to make a zine together...


Share with your friends and followers that you’re now a part of the next Monday Yet?... The more the merrier; when you shout out to all, along the 6 other artists, we sure can take over the world.


When the production of the Monday Yet? is done its time to get it out there. Each artist gets 100 copies (!) so put it on your website and sell it or just give away for free. What’s important; get it out there...


Monday Yet? is an all visual art zine featuring works by new contemporary artists from all over the world. Each zine features 7 artists in 32 pages, designed minimalistic to present all art in best manners.

FORMAT: Sized 15x21cm Monday Yet? is an ‘on the go, easy to understand’ magazine, printed on 150g paper. Rotation: 1000 copies per issue.

We need 10-14 pics of your artwork to ensure the best layout and presentation of your work.

COLLAB: This is a ‘first come first served’ concept, as we always talk with more artists than needed for one issue. (Don’t worry - if you miss out on one publication you can still make it to the next round...)

Before we start he production we will send you a digital proof if any changes is needed (cuts and such). When accepted we’re all done. And happy happy - we’ve made the zine together. You, us and the 6 other awesome artists...


We believe not to make any artist pay for the presentation in a publication, but we believe that we all ‘do’ to ‘make’... 

So, for all to benefit of this collaborative publication you must make the buy of 100 copies of the zine, for you to sell or give away - it’s all up to you. What’s important is that you get it out there and shares the art to the world. 


within EU: 100 copies costs €100 = €1 each zine. 

outside EU: 100 copies costs €200 = €2 each zine. 

The common sales price is 5€... Sign it and sell it for more - or again, give it away to all your fans. They sure will love it :) 


Write us an email, subject “Monday Yet submit” with a link to your Instagram + a little txt about yourself... send to

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