The Monday' Editions is our exclusive art print project, where in we re-design the artworks of various contemporary artists, all made in close collaboration with the artists, of course... Each print-design is available for 8 weeks only!

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Monday' Editions is in production for a short time only - in store in limited quantities and printed on demand for all online sales. Each design is only available for 8 weeks and will never be printed again. 

The Monday' Editions is made with grand respect to the original pieces - now edited to give you a unique piece and the chance to own unique artworks  without you have to empty your pockets..

All prints is created as a re-design of an original art piece, designed by the Art Monday graphic elfs in Copenhagen, made in close collaboration with the artist. 

Monday' Editions is printed on Hahnemühle 'William Turner' 190g paper, official stamped with the Art Monday logo and tagged with the artist name as hand-stamped letters. 

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