Portraits . Søren Solkær . Photobook

Portraits . Søren Solkær . Photobook

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Large format 288-page hardcover book Portraits 1993-2018, containing 235 portraits.


This survey of Søren Solkær's portrait photography starts with a body of work entitled Photographers Posed, first initiated by Solkær in 1993 while he attended FAMU, the Photo and Film Academy in Prague. In this series Søren documented master photographers such as Jan Saudek, Anton Corbijn and Shanta Rao, each captured in their own photographic style, utilising their specific methods and materials. This self-apprenticeship exposed Solkær to the minds and methodologies of 45 of the world’s top photographers. Eventually he went on to shoot portraits around the world in his own signature style; photographing the most iconic rock and pop stars on the planet, Yogis in Rajasthan India, fans at a Roskilde music festival and creating a high-concept series documenting street artists around the world.


Portraits 1993-2018 is published on the occasion of Søren Solkær’s exhibition at the Museum of Natural History in Denmark in January 2018.


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