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Steffanie Nordahl . No title VI . 42 x 30 . Photography

Steffanie Nordahl . No title VI . 42 x 30 . Photography

€ 161,00Price

Approx. 1200dkk

Photography on photopaper

42 x 30 

Signed by the artist


Artist Statement:


I seek to tell stories and create fascinating universes beyond imagination that entrance the viewer.
Through the last five years as a photographer I have been working with creating still and moving images, editorials, and to form visual identities and creative solutions for customers and for private projects.


I am an aesthetic person, but I have always been fascinated by finding the beauty within the macabre and ordinary. I find that even in the most horrid and pecular things beauty can be discovered - it's all a matter of interpretation.

When I start a project or a collabaration I am often guided by my intuituion. I work a lot with experimenting and exploring my chosen theme, idea or assignment from different angles during the process of work.



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