hello dear 

The monday yet? zines is an independent multi artistic publication, created to showcase the emerging artists of today.


We do not write the stories nor do we analyze the artwork.

the monday yet?  zines is made only for arts sake.


With a goal, to present the art to ‘common people’, and with this inspire, involve and enlighten all readers, the Monday yet? zines features only contemporary upcoming artists, distributed to the layman all around. 


The zines is an offspring of the late Art Monday magazines, and will be the new

“small publication books” of Art Monday.

It’s 32 pages 

featuring 7 artists 

1000+ copies . 150g paper . 15x21cm


Each zine is released more or less spontaneously - maybe every three week or maybe every second month. When a great collection of seven artists is in hand, we publish! 


All artists is presented by four pages in each zine; two ‘personal pages’ and two ‘collage pages’. With a total of 7 artists this creates a dynamic and collective presentation of all artworks featured.


The zine is not genre related due to our beliefs: Art is a personal story and an experience to all no matter the genre. The zine is made to inspire and it’s all made to tell a collective story... 




The monday yet? zines is a conceptual collective production, where all benefit off their participation... We believe not to make any artists pay for being a part of a publication, but we believe in social involvement and sharing. Therefore must all art providers invest in 100 copies of the zine for a simple cost of 99€. 

And you can use it as you want(!)...

We don’t set any restriction to how you spread the word of the zine and your works.

Sell it on the street, to shops - or give it away for free.. it’s all up to you! 

The common selling price is €5...! 


Besides the obvious distribution by each artist, of 700 copies, we distribute all the other prints via our great network around europe.



If your up for it, this is how we do it.. 

First, let’s agree to which works to present.

We need a total of 6-10  digital pics of your work. 


send the pictures as jpeg to our mail 


- via wetranfer.com 

When we’ve agreed to the art to present, we will send you a link for you to ‘book your zines’.


Your participation in the publication is first registered as we receive your payment, due to we cannot ‘just’  print and send hundreds of prints without being sure that you are serious about being a part of this collective publication.  

we will begin to setup the zine! 

- as we agree to the art work we begin to design the zine.

When we are almost 90% done you will get a demo version to accept. 

- if all is good, we will start the production.

And then we've made a publication together ! 

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