We are happy that you are interested in working with us, creating the next art zine we call Monday Yet?... 

About it all... 

The Monday Yet? zine is an independent all visuals art publication, made to present the uprising artists work to the world. We do not write the story nor do we analyse the artwork. Monday Yet? is made only for arts sake presenting the art as it is...! 


We make this to showcase art to the layman in a handhold and no fancy pancy way, cus exploring art is for all - it’s that simple... 


The zine size is 15x21cm; a ‘on the go, easy to understand’ magazine, printed on 150g paper. Current: 1000 copies per issue. 


The zines consists of works by artists from all over Europe and we work to distribute within all of Europe as well. Mass distribution is the key :) 

The Art... 

Monday Yet? is a 32 pages art zine featuring 7 artists in each issue. We do not restrict any genres, no theme is set - and all good art is welcome, cus it’s all about the good art featured to the common people... 


All artists is featured with 4 pages; 1x double page + 2x single pages (facing other art). 


(See previous issues) 


zine covers_2.jpg

Collective thoughts...

The zine is made as a colab between us and you guys - the 7 artists. 

And it all exists as an idea of social sharing and collective involvement. When we work together we all benefit by the little time it takes all to spread the word, to share with friends and put it into the world. 


We believe not to make any artist pay for being presented in a publication, but we believe that we all ‘do’ to ‘make’.

So, for all to benefit of this colab-publication you must purchase 100 copies of the zine, for you to sell or give away - it’s all up to you. What’s important is that you get it out there. 

You’ll get:

100 copies for the small cost of 100€. 


The common sales price is 5€, but that’s also all up you. Sign it and sell it for more - or again, give it away to all your fans. They sure will love it :) 


The sharing...  

Besides the obvious sharing of 700 copies around the world, shared by you and the other 6 artists, we’ll share the 300 copies through shops, cafes and such. Also, we have a great network of followers who just love to explore new art and therefore gets their fix though this publications. 


Overall, we believe this to be a good way for you to showcase your art to people you normally don’t reach... 



A little about us... 

Behind it all you’ll find Art Monday - an indie art lovers organisation, doing just to show the contemporary artists, often not seen in the wide range media’s. We work only to present new art to the masses. 


Art Monday HQ is located in Copenhagen, Denmark - we call it Monday Studio. The Studio is a small art shop focusing on distribution of visual art and publications.


We’re a small team of creative minded people who only work to share the joy of art, culture and good times. With everything we do, we wish to inspire to further exploration and create jolly times for all. 


So, if you’re up for it... 

first let’s agree what art to present. 

Please send us a collection of works - the ones you think will suit the zine. Just small res pics. Send it to via 


When chosen. 

In total we need 10-14 pics of pieces to set up. So when we’ve chosen which do send these in hi-res as done before. If any small changes in light or such is needed we can do the work...


And please send us a little text about ‘you’ as well. 


Meanwhile, we will send you a link to order your 100 copies of zines - please order ASAP to ensure us that you’re interested. 

We work with a ‘first come first served’ concept, as we talk with more artists then needed for one issue. (Don’t worry - if you miss out on one publication you can still make it to the next round...) 


Overall, that’s it. 

Before we start he production we will send you a digital proof if any changes is needed (cuts and such). When accepted we’re all done. 


And happy happy - we’ve made the zine together. You, us and the 6 other awesome artists... 


We’re looking forward to work with you 

// creatives, arise! 



art monday . matthæusgade 21, 1666 copenhagen . vat dk36578475 . hello