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Art Monday is a relation starter and a local art hub. A publisher and art ‘n books store based in Copenhagen. It’s a place for you to get inspired, learn stuff you didn’t know about and a place where you can experience the often unseen creative sprouts we all live among.


Art Monday is a tapas of fresh creativity, made to serve you a delicious meal of original art, prints, zines, apparel and books, not to forget the bouquet of awesome happenings at our kiosk, Monday Studio in Copenhagen.


We’re cooking to strengthen the artistic youth, dedicated to make you have a taste of todays creative sprouts, and make you have a sip of the fountain of inspiration.


Though we love to collaborate with non-profits we aren’t one ourselves. Art Monday is a community of creatives, and a brand where every bit of growth goes back into our projects. 

We hope that you enjoy the journey as much as we do... 

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