fre. 13. aug. | Monday Studio


It's time to celebrate the Monday Studio birthday, when 2021 is the 1 year + 1 year of awesome times in Copenhagen. Join in for a summer bash with good friends and loads of wine...

time & location

13. aug. 14.00 – 20.00
Monday Studio, Matthæusgade 21, 1666 København, Denmark


We are happy to tell, that 2021 is the 1+1 year birthday for our local art kiosk in Copenhagen, and we wish to celebrate,  party time, with all of our awesome friends... So on with your fast track shoes, grab a frind on the way and join in for a birthday bash you'll never forget. 

We've boxed a lot of chill wine for you yo enjoy, so no worry... Just bring a coin and we will pour you as much as you'll like... 

In best manners we will fill the walls with all the art we love, and we think you'll love as well, so you don't have to leave uninspired.

We're looking forward to see you all very soon 

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