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fre. 10. feb.


Monday Studio


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10. feb. 16.00 – 18. feb. 16.00

Monday Studio, Matthæusgade 21, 1666 København, Denmark




We're proud to present you to the world of Anders Bendixen in this exhibition "Eidolon Cardiu"

Grand release party February 10th at Monday Studio, Matthæusgade 21, 1666 Copenhagen.

Doors open at 16.00 Exhibition runs till feb 18.


Anders Bendixen is a seasoned artist.

Drawing, painting, back to drawing, taking a step back from the art that took more than it gave, finding collage and (now) focusing on photography. Of these artistic seasons many have been prompted, or cut short, by external influences such as blunt mentors, strict gallerist protocols or insights from friends.

However, with his latest work Anders no longer finds himself at the whims of Copenhagen’s art scene. His analog photography practice, rather, seems to be rooted in what feels good. So what feels good? The joy of making photos. The surprise of seeing developed photos. The relief and excitement of not controlling every aspect of an image– a sentiment that sharply contrasts his precise drawings and hyper responsibility to clients during his day job.

Following this feeling of release that analog photography offers, Anders shares with us his portraits of nature in the EIDOLON CARDIU photo series. From these multiple exposures you can expect some simple images, others increasingly puzzling, but all spiritual and awe-inspiring.

Bendixen explains:

"With my photography, I try to create a kind of displacement between our real world and the world where memories live. In that displacement, something magical, sometimes majestic, moves out of familiar objects, nature and surroundings.

I am particularly inspired by the hidden resources nature hides. It has a very special magical ability to find ways into us and inhabit our memories in strange, quirky and whimsical ways.

The fact that nature is bigger than us and older than us makes it an inexhaustible source of photographic magic for me. That is why it has become one of my primary themes in my work. There is room for contemplation and sensual memories for everyone."


Grand release is on February 10th. Doors open at 16:00.

Beside the exhibition, come enjoy:

Cheap as funk bar - with tons of beers, sodas and wine. Enough for you and your friends.

No DJ - we've set the perfect playlist for your friday artsy jam.

See you there.

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