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‘We Wear Art First’ is our exclusive print project, where in we create unique t-shirt art designs. With an aim share the wonders of art, and to give you a taste of ‘something else’ our production line is all created off the artworks of the new contemporary artists.


Whenever you buy a T-shirt you support the artist behind each piece. Yup, we pass on 20% of all income to the creator of the original artwork.


All T-shirts are available in our store in limited quantities only and printed on demand in online shop. 


And we only use organic fabrics and ink of course…



Love your garment and it will love you back. Being gentle is easy and better for the planet, it also protects the print and helps maintain shape and colour for longer.


> Wash garment inside out! > Do not use bleach (it's the worst! > Only wash your garment on a cold cycle! > Do not tumble dry! > Iron your garment inside out!