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How it works for buyers

At Art Monday’s WWAF you’ll find a curated selection of apparel designs, made by real artists, printed with ethics and quality you can trust. We aren’t any ordinary online shop though; to minimise waste and risk for our creators we only print as many items as are sold.

01. Choose your products.

  Browse our market of tees, sweats and totes to find your favourite designs. Get it while it's hot, each design is only available for 3 weeks. You can get as many items as you wish as long as the campaign's live... 

art monday apparel design mock-up tshirt design_2

02. We make it when campaign ends.

  We'll get to work once the campaign ends. We do the hard work printing, packing and shipping your goods - and we let the creators create more good stuff. 

03. We ship your goods.

  Keep your eyes on the postman. As soon as we’re done printing we’ll ship your goods direct to you. 

Cash 'n carry.

  When a campaign ends the apparel might go 'cash and carry'. This means that we make a small run of the design and makes it available in our kiosk, Monday Studio in Copenhagen, for regular purchase as well up for grabs online as long as it’s in stock. Check out the ribbon at each product to see its status. 

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