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How it works for creators

Art Monday is made for the artists, the designers and for all the jolly makers. By offering our platform, manufacture and distribute your work on apparel, we’re changing the scene of “how you get  out there”. No risk. It's all art.

01. Show us your artwork.

  Submit your work for the future curated serie of apparels. Each month we launch a 3 weeks campaign of handpicked designs - apply in form below.

art monday apparel fashion art design. Man standing with a t-shirts.

02. Choose your product.

  We've selected a handfull of high quality, organic and GOTS approved garments for you to put your artwork on. Tell us what apparels you wanna work on and we will set up all needed mock-ups. When all's set we launch your campaign of cotton goods. 

03. Tell your friends.

  Share with your fans, friends & followers and generate pre-orders for the duration of the campaign. Each campaign has a 3 weeks lifespan - so get out there and tell everyone about your new and cool collection of apparels.

art monday white tshirts on rack in store

04. We sell, you get paid.

  If we sell 3+ items you'll start earning per items sold! There’s no limit on how many we can sell too; we manufacture all the orders, and ship directly to your fans worldwide. 

The profits

  How much you make depends on how much is sold - your profits increase the more items are sold. 

We sell all apparel with a fixed price so that it's easier for you to estimate how much you'll benefit per campaign.

art monday apparel design mock-up tshirt design


3-10 sold.  €11 per item*

11-20 sold. €13 per item*

21+ sold. €17 per item*


3-10 sold.  €15 per item*

11-20 sold. €18 per item*

21+ sold. €25 per item*


3-10 sold.  €15 per item*

11-20 sold. €18 per item*

21+ sold. €25 per item*


3-10 sold.  €1,5 per item*

11-20 sold. €2,5 per item*

21+ sold. €4 per item*

* All profits listed above is incl. danish VAT (25%). If you are not VAT registered or if you live outside of Denmark VAT will not not be included in the invoice forwarded at the end of the campaign.

The design.

  We feature all art as a fixed seasonal design set-up. This way you don't have to worry about size and position of your artwork. Sit back, create more good art and let us take care of the hard work of production. 

The prints.

  All designs is printed as DTF (direct to film) that ensures the best quality and reproduction of the design, as well as ensuring a long lifespan for the print. And just use as many colours as you wish - the sky is the limit. 

Shipping & handling.

  Shipping & handling can be tough work, that’s why we do it for you. We print, pack and send all of the items direct to the customer at the end of your campaign. Our team works hard to make sure our customers are happy throughout the whole process.

Post production & availablity in stores

  After your campaign ends, and if 12+ of each product is sold, we launch the design for our boutique, Monday Studio, in Copenhagen + we make it available for other shop to purchase, still with a limited production line, all to prevent waste and dead stock. No matter where it's sold you benefit 20% of all profits we make. 

Our responsibilities.

  Let’s be honest, todays clothing industry isn’t really sustainable at it’s very core - but we can still make responsible choices. Therefore we never settle with the cheap solution, no mass prints and no deadstock - all to protect the planet at our best. 

The design

Garments are available in colors: 

T-Shirts: Black + White. 

Sweashirts: Black, French Navy, Grey & White.

Hoodies: Black, French Navy, Grey & White.

Totebags: Natural

the design
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